Denovo Construction Solutions Joins as the Official Construction Sponsor for the Gregg Young Sports Campus at Norwalk Central

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The City of Norwalk is thrilled to announce its partnership with Denovo Construction Solutions as the Official Construction Sponsor for the Gregg Young Sports Campus at Norwalk Central.

Brent Mitchell, CEO of Denovo Construction Solutions has emphasized, "We are incredibly proud to be associated with the Gregg Young Sports Campus at Norwalk Central. This project embodies our core values of commitment to community enrichment, and making this project process enjoyable for the City of Norwalk. Our team has been dedicated to delivering excellence throughout the development process, ensuring that the facility will become a hub for sports enthusiasts from across the Midwest."

Denovo has been involved with City leadership in the Norwalk Central development from the beginning phases of project visualization, planning, and pre-construction, to the current implementation and construction of the athletic facilities (pictured in the image above – City State Bank Norwalk Fieldhouse undergoing construction). Later this year, Denovo will begin construction on the Sportsplex USA facility. Studio MELEE is the architectural partner with Denovo for the Gregg Young Sports Campus.

Hollie Zajicek, Economic Development Director for the City of Norwalk shared, “The Norwalk Central project has taken several years of planning and hard work by many individuals and entities, including Denovo Construction Solutions. It’s exciting and fulfilling to see the physical outcome of so much dedication and effort.”

“Our new public recreation facility (City State Bank Norwalk Fieldhouse) is scheduled to open in early 2024. This is the first full-service indoor recreation facility that the City of Norwalk has ever had, and we’re grateful for the support and expertise of partners like Denovo,” said Luke Nelson, Norwalk City Manager.

“We’re profoundly grateful to the leadership and support of the City of Norwalk, and the Norwalk community,” said Brent Mitchell. “The proactive advocacy from Hollie Zajicek and Luke Nelson in this process has been incredibly valuable in making the project move forward.”

Stay connected with the City of Norwalk for further updates and exciting announcements as the unveiling of the Gregg Young Sports Campus at Norwalk Central approaches in 2024. The development website, continues to be updated with the newest information. For more information or questions regarding the Norwalk Central development or other commercial projects in Norwalk, contact Economic Development Director, Hollie Zajicek at HollieZ@Norwalk.Iowa.Gov or 515-314-5862.

About Denovo Construction Solutions:
Denovo is the next generation of Construction Management, taking the approach that satisfaction, trust, and commitment are what our clients should expect in every Denovo interaction. We have a proud history of maintaining long-term relationships, meeting our clients where they are, and transforming their goals into attainable, impactful projects.

About the City of Norwalk Economic Development:
The City of Norwalk established the Economic Development Department in 2017. The Department is responsible for bringing new businesses, commercial, and industrial development projects to the City in order to create new revenues, goods and services, and high-quality jobs for the community. The Department also manages local business expansion projects, foreign relations, and City-wide communications, public affairs, and marketing efforts. Since  2017, the City’s commercial and industrial tax base has increased by 121%, adding an extra $54,000,000 in taxable value. In this same timeframe, more than 50 new businesses have opened resulting in more than 1,000 new full-time jobs in the community.