Welcome to the Norwalk Police Department


Since the founding of the Norwalk Police Department in 1856, the officers and employees of the agency have served the community with distinction. The current departmental staff is proud of the long history of service to the community and pledge to continue this high level of service. Officers of the department strive to serve the community in a manner that is reflective of the desires and needs of all residents of Norwalk.

To this end the following mission statement has been developed:

With commitment and resolve, the Norwalk Police Department will provide noticeable, professional and dedicated service through citizen focused efforts that solve problems, maintain public trust and produce a safe, prosperous community.

In the pursuit of this mission, we will maintain value oriented service that emphasizes:

  • Accountability for our actions and in-actions
  • Citizen-centric customer service
  • The diversity of life experience among us

We also encourage all members of the community to take an active role in the protection of life and property as together we work to make Norwalk the metro's most desirable place to live and work.

Greg Staples, Chief of Police