ROW & Excavation Permits

Right of Way Permits

The Norwalk City Code, Chapter 142 requires that utility businesses obtain a permit to make excavations in city streets, public right of way (ROW), and public properties.  All ROW permits submitted to the City of Norwalk must use Metro ROW Permit Application Form (see below).

A permit must be submitted at least five business days before the work is scheduled to begin.

We will need a copy of the company's liability insurance and an annual security bond in the amount of $10,000. We will not be able to schedule inspections for any sidewalks and approaches until we have these documents on file in our office. Both documents and the $75 fee are needed to comply.

If you have any question regarding the information needed please call Joe Ballard, Assistant Public Works Director at 515.981.0228 ext. 2401.

Please submit these documents by email to:

Please mail $75 fee to:

City of Norwalk
Public Works Department
2626 North Ave.
Norwalk, IA  50211

Right of Way/Excavation Permit
 Fee: $75 (Fee has changed)

City Code - Right of Way Work

Inspections are billed at $50 per hour @ minimum of one hour per each daily inspection. (New)

Immediately upon completion of utility work; contractor must restore all pavement, sidewalk, driveway or other surfacing, or landscaping disturbed, in substantially the same condition and in a good, workmanlike, timely manner, in accordance with any standards for such work set by the City.  Such restoration shall be completed prior to expiration of the work permit.  Each job site location shall be left in accordance to Chapter 142.12 of the Norwalk City Code.  

Excavation Permits

Private property owners who have a large digging project NOT in the right of way area may need to apply for an Excavation Permit.  If you have questions regarding what kind of permit you need, or whether you need an Excavation Permit or not, please call Public Works staff at (515) 981-9530 or email

For a contractor to apply for an Excavation Permit, we require a copy of the company's liability insurance. We will not be able to schedule inspections until we have these documents and the $25 fee on file in our office. 

Please submit these documents by mail to:

City of Norwalk
ATTN: Public Works Dept.
2626 North Avenue
Norwalk, IA 50211

Or by email to:

Excavation Permits  Fee is $25.00