The City of Norwalk is committed to maintaining quality of services; professionalism; integrity; teamwork; diversity; empowerment; and improve relationships between City employees, City Council Members, the Mayor and the citizens of Norwalk. 

It is the policy of the City of Norwalk to seriously consider matters which are brought to our attention or lodged by citizens.  When appropriate, effective action will be taken to address and correct the complaint.

When a complaint is brought to an elected official or staff member and it is determined that a complaint exists, it is necessary for the complainant to complete a Complaint Form.

The form must include a description of the complaint and be signed and dated by the individual filing the complaint.  The City Manager, City Clerk, a Council Member or Mayor must also sign and date the complaint form.

The complaint will then be directed to the appropriate department.  Staff assigned to the complaint will communicate to the complainant, in a timely manner, the course of action.
Matters not found to be valid will be dismissed without action.  Complainants will be notified of the City's decision not to pursue a complaint and the reason.