Census Workers Needed for a Special Census for Our Community


Interested in joining the team? Special Census jobs are temporary and provide extra income
with flexible hours and paid training. Pay starts at $16.14/hour.

Apply to be a U.S. Census Bureau field representative at: www.census.gov/communityjobs

US Census

An important message from the City of Norwalk, Iowa. 

Our population has grown since 2020. An accurate count of our current population will help us
qualify for additional funding for important services we depend on every day. This includes
services like street repair, public safety, schools, and other community services.
Our community can also plan for the future by creating public improvement strategies that
minimize traffic congestion, meet the growing needs of our seniors, and project when and
where new schools are needed. U.S. Census Bureau data are used by businesses to locate new
stores and help create jobs. These decisions affect everyone!

Census reporting forms will be forthcoming in the Spring of 2024.
We encourage you to participate in our Special Census. Responding is important, easy, and
safe, and only takes 10 minutes! Respond online when you receive your invitation in the mail.
If you did not receive an invitation or are unable to respond online—don’t worry—you can still
respond when a U.S. Census Bureau employee knocks on your door.

Thank you for taking part in this important civic activity.

Our Special Census Day is: July 1, 2024.

If you have questions about our Special Census, contact: clerk@norwalk.iowa.gov