City Attorney

The City Attorney shall act as attorney for the City in all matters affecting the City’s interest. The City Attorney shall prosecute or defend all actions and proceedings when so requested by the Mayor or Council. The City Attorney also gives advice or a written legal opinion on City contracts and all questions of law relating to City matters submitted by the Council, the Mayor, the members of the Council individually, municipal boards or the head of any municipal department.

Jim Dougherty began the role of City Attorney in Norwalk in 1992. Previous to that he received a Doctorate in Jurisprudence with Honors from Drake University Law School in 1991 and was admitted to the Iowa Bar to practice law in 1992. Prior work has also been done for the cities of Cumming, Bevington, New Virginia and Carlisle.

Jim is a long time citizen and business owner in Norwalk. Recently he has started working full time for the City. He is currently a member of the Iowa Bar Association, the Iowa Municipal Attorneys Association and is the President of the Warren County Bar Association. 

City Attorney - Jim Dougherty ext. 2265 -

Jim D.