• Norwalk offers tax abatement for both new and existing commercial and industrial developments, offering significant savings for nearly every development. Click here for Tax Abatement Application
  • Additional incentives may be available for primary businesses (manufacturing, wholesale trade, information technology, financing, insurance, etc.) and/or developments requiring significant infrastructure development. *Contact Hollie Zajicek or call 515-314-5862*


  • Commercial Grant ProgramApplication - Please complete, and email it to Chris Cataldo.

  • High Quality Job Grant Program
    The purpose of this grant program is to assist new and existing companies with business growth/expansion and new job creation in order to provide more high quality opportunities for Norwalk residents. View the application.

  • First-In Commercial Development Incentive
    The new addition to Norwalk’s TIF (Tax Increment Financing) policy provides the ability to assist developers with up to 100% new infrastructure costs if they build the first commercial structure within a larger, undeveloped commercial area. Projects may qualify for up to 20 years of 80% TIF rebate from the new increment their project creates. This incentive also allows the City to provide lump sum grants for portions of infrastructure constructed that will serve additional future parcels. Contact Hollie Zajicek for more information!  Click here to complete the application.
  • Warren County Economic Development, regional and statewide incentives listing:

  • Business Property Tax Credit
    The Business Property Tax Credit is part of the overall 2013 property tax reform bill. This credit is available for certain commercial, industrial and railroad properties. The credit is applicable to individual parcels as well as “property units.” One credit is available for each qualified parcel or property unit.