Peddlers Permits

Applying for Peddlers Permits

Contact our office in person to complete the relevant application forms. A valid government issued photo identification is required prior to any permit being issued.

Fees established by the Norwalk Code of Ordinances are:

  • License Application Fee: $25.00 (all application types)
  • Refundable Bond: $200.00 per license (all application types)
  • Peddlers or Transient Merchants License:
    • For up to 7 days - $10.00
    • For up to 30 days - $50.00
    • For up to 180 days - $100.00
Active Peddlers Permits

Norwalk Seasonal Services: Lawncare & Snow Removal


  • Clayton Garrison

Midwest Prime: Steak and seafood sales


  • Matthew Salter
  • Eric Ballanger

Legacy Restoration: Exterior home restoration


  • David Berg
  • Brady Bussman
  • Kalunda Cuffy
  • Daniel Devore
  • Andrew Ketcham
  • David Talton
  • Nicholas Whipple
*The sample permit shown below all peddlers must have on them while going door to door. It will be on official letterhead and signed by the Chief of Police.