Animal Control

What does Animal Control do at the City of Norwalk.  Here is some helpful information to better explain.

Dogs - If you see a loose dog, we suggest you post a picture or description on any of the Norwalk Facebook groups to see if someone recognizes the dog.  If you are still unable to locate the owner, and the dog is contained, you can call Public Works to pick up the dog.  We will scan for a chip and if there isn’t one we will post information on our Facebook page in an attempt to reconnect the dog with its owner.  If we are unable to locate the owner in a reasonable amount of time, the dog is transported to the Animal Rescue League (ARL). 

Dogs involved with a bite incident or other attack are transported directly to the ARL and the case is handled by the Police Department.

 Cats – Animal Control does not handle cats.

 Dead Animals in the City Streets – Public Works will come and pick up dead animals in the City streets.  Dead animals on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.  The City will not come to pick those up.

Wild Animals or Rodents – Problems with wild animals or rodents on private property such as raccoons, opossums, etc. need to be addressed by property owner.  The City does not provide animal control service for these types of animals.  Residents need to contact a private pest service or another option is a live trap.  The only exception is if the animal is acting strange, as if it might be diseased.  In this case the Police would need to be called to observe and possibly euthanize the animal.

As always, if you have any questions, Public Works is always happy to answer those.  Feel free to give us a call (515) 981-9527, or email us at