The City of Norwalk Announces Diligent Development as Newest Sponsor for Norwalk Central!

The City of Norwalk Announces Diligent Development as Newest Sponsor for Norwalk Central!


The City of Norwalk, Sportsman Solutions, and Great Plains Sponsorships are happy to announce another fantastic sponsor for Norwalk Central! Diligent Development is contributing towards the lounge area inside the soon-to-be built public recreation facility called the  ‘City State Bank Norwalk Fieldhouse’. The lounge will be a center point between the building commons space and the multi-sports courts. This area will be known as the “Diligent Development Lounge”. Construction of the City State Bank Norwalk Fieldhouse will begin this summer- 2023, and is scheduled to be open to the public by early 2024. 

The overall development will include retail, dining, hotels, public park and trails, both private and public sports and recreational facilities, multi-sports turf fields, and much more. Norwalk Central is located east of HWY 28, south of Colonial Parkway, and north of West High Road. 

"In many ways, Diligent considers Norwalk home” Vice President for Diligent, Tim Portzen Says.  “One of Diligent’s first residential developments was in Norwalk – many have followed since.  And quite literally, Diligent partners call Norwalk home as residents. 

For 5 years, Diligent has worked on kicking off a sports-anchored development that would provide a placemaking opportunity to Norwalk Central.  It’s been a pleasure to be a part of Norwalk’s growth and the development of where the sports campus will call home.  We couldn’t be more proud to partner with the folks that helped this come to fruition.  Our excitement doesn’t end at the sports campus but extends to all the development that will occur around it in the coming years.”

“Our goal is to keep visitors at Norwalk Central and provide amenities that they want and need. The Diligent Development Lounge will be an experience that provides the ability to connect with peers off the court. “-Ryan Patrick, Vice President Great Plains Sponsorships

“We’re thrilled with how everything is coming together in Norwalk Central and very grateful to have such wonderful partners like Diligent Development. Norwalk is lucky to have so many vested individuals and businesses in this beautiful community.” Mayor of Norwalk, Tom Phillips.

"Diligent Development has played a critical role in the planning and execution of Norwalk Central. We would not be where we are today in this project without them.The community and visitors are going to love this new development and we can’t wait to open it to the public next year!” Hollie Zajicek, Economic Development Director, City of Norwalk.

“Watching all of the pieces come together in Norwalk Central after so many years of work and planning, is very fulfilling. Diligent Development is a major player in the midwest when it comes to taking risks and helping communities create unique placemakers. We’re proud to have them on our team.” Norwalk City Manager, Luke Nelson.

Recent announcements were also made naming the sports campus area ‘Gregg Young Auto Sports Campus’ at Norwalk Central, the public recreation facility being named the ‘City State Bank Norwalk Fieldhouse’, and the future ‘MidAmerican Energy Plaza’ which will overlook the new turf sports fields. 


Diligent Development
Diligent Development is a boutique real estate development company based in the Des Moines metro for over a decade.  Diligent focuses on place-making communities that offer diverse lot sales that create a sustainable real estate eco system with live, work, play.  Diligent focuses on its niche of identifying transitional land and expediting demand with unique lifestyle anchors such as an agrihood, sports-complex, or native prairie conservation.

City of Norwalk Economic Development
The City of Norwalk established the Economic Development Department in 2017 and is made up of three full-time staff members. The Department is responsible for bringing new businesses, commercial and industrial development projects to the City in order to create new revenues, goods and services, and high-quality jobs to the community. The Department also manages business expansion projects, foreign relations programs, and the City-wide communications, public affairs and marketing efforts. Since the Department was established in 2017, the City’s commercial and industrial tax base has increased by 121%, adding an extra $54,000,000 in taxable value. In this same timeframe, more than 50 new businesses have opened resulting in more than 1,000 new full-time jobs in the community. 

Great Plains Sponsorships
GPS was founded by Ryan Querry in 2015. GPS generates sustainable revenue streams via Naming Rights, Sponsorships & Pouring Rights. This is through providing turnkey services to help sports complexes, municipalities, aquatic centers, youth organizations, nonprofits, entertainment venues, stadiums, arenas, and other projects operate profitably.``

Sportsman Solutions
Sportsman Solutions provides positive solutions for athletic facilities, leagues and organizations in various sports. A vision of creating innovative solutions for sports facility owners/operators by working with complementary entities to create a positive working business model.