Norwalk, Iowa Selects Retail Strategies to Identify Retail Opportunities


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Norwalk, Iowa Selects Retail Strategies to Identify Retail Opportunities

BIRMINGHAM, AL (January X, 2023) – The City of Norwalk, Iowa has appointed Retail Strategies, the leading national community development firm, to execute a retail recruitment plan on behalf of the city. This partnership will be essential in strengthening city growth and economic development. The Retail Strategies team will develop a tailored retail recruitment plan and perform proactive retail and broker outreach for the community.

“Norwalk’s recent growth has pushed our focus toward proactive retail recruitment efforts,” said Hollie Zajicek, Economic Development Director for Norwalk. “We selected Retail Strategies because of their reputation for supporting client communities with a wealth of knowledge of both national and local retail. This partnership will open our community up to a higher quality of life for residents. I am excited for Retail Strategies to bring their knowledge and experience to Norwalk.”

“The City of Norwalk is a terrific market with ample real estate opportunity. During a visit to the market, our team selected numerous focus real estate areas that would be great options for retailers looking to expand,” said John Tiedt, Business Developer for Retail Strategies. “Our team looks forward to working with city staff to build and execute a plan to support Norwalk’s retail expansion efforts.”

Retail Strategies will perform a real estate market analysis of the businesses in Norwalk and identify areas of opportunity for retailers to capitalize on the traffic in specific areas. The partnership will focus on defining the retail trade area and highlight opportunities for development and business recruitment.

Additionally, the team at Retail Strategies will proactively reach out to potential businesses, property owners, brokers and developers on behalf of the city of Norwalk.

About Norwalk, Iowa

Norwalk is a city in Warren County, with some small portions extending into Polk County, in the U.S. state of Iowa. The population was 12,799 at the time of the 2020 census. The city is part of the Des Moines metropolitan area and is located just south of the Des Moines International Airport. The Minneapolis-based band We Are the Willows has a song on their first full-length album, A Collection of Sounds And Something Like The Plague, titled "Norwalk, Iowa".

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