Parks and Recreation Playbook

Norwalk Parks and Recreation's Playbook is published quarterly.  This is our activity guide for each season with interactive links to allow for easy registration for programs.  To receive the Playbook by email, text, or both get signed up here today.

2022 Fall Playbook

Fall 2022 Playbook

Norwalk Parks and Recreation 2022 Fall Playbook

2022 Spring Playbook

Spring Playbook 2022

Norwalk Parks and Recreation 2022 Spring Playbook

2021-22 Winter Playbook

Winter 2021-22 Playbook

Norwalk Parks and Recreation 2021-22 Winter Playbook

Expected Publishing Times:
Spring Playbook - by February 1, covers Feb, Mar, Apr, and May
Summer Playbook - by May 1, covers May, Jun, Jul, and Aug
Fall Playbook - by August 1, covers Aug, Sept, Oct, and Nov
Winter Playbook - by November 1, covers Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb