Adult Dodgeball League


Adult Dodgeball League
The purpose of this dodgeball league is for everyone to compete and have fun. This is a game with the intention to relive a childhood game, in an adult manner. The league will strive to capture the enjoyment of the individuals participating in the league, while also considering their health and safety. Many of the rules in this league are based on the “honor system”. This is meant to be a social league where players come to have fun, so please do not be “that guy/girl” who disrupts this principle. Minimum of 6 players, maximum of 12. Only 6 players are allowed to play at one time, with a minimum of 3 females.

Registration times: December 5, 2022 - January 8, 2023
Age: 18 & up
Program days/times: Sunday
January 22 - February 26, 2023
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Cost: $85.00 per team
Location: Orchard Hills Elementary Gym

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