Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering - the Healthy Habit

Norwalk is a growing community, and your involvement in the community is important because helping others:

  • is satisfying
  • conveys knowledge
  • affords stress relief
  • stimulates your mind
  • keeps you young at heart
  • gives you a purpose, a focus
  • is the civil thing to do
  • is social
  • identifies you as a role model
  • creates a sense of well being
  • keeps you physically active
  • brings satisfaction to others
  • opens up dialogue with others
  • provides camaraderie
  • allows others to learn from you
  • keeps you mentally active
  • utilizes skills, talents
  • is good for all ages
  • allows you to serve your community
  • is emotionally stimulating
  • anchors you in the community

Please click on one of the images below to see volunteer opportunities in our community:

City Volunteering
School Volunteering School
Community Volunteering