New Businesses and Projects Update

New Businesses and Projects Update
Posted on 08/17/2020

Attention Norwalk! New Businesses and Projects Update:

We have been hearing a lot of requests and comments regarding new businesses coming to Norwalk, when they might open, and the status of other development projects. As you might imagine, COVID and many other unforeseen situations that have taken place over these last 8 months on local, state, national, and international levels have caused many projects to be restructured, delayed, and in some instances indefinitely on hold. Although it’s frustrating for those of us working on these projects and the residents waiting for them to occur, it is incredibly frustrating and worrisome for the developers and business owners who are risking investment and implementing these projects. With that being said, here is a current status update with the information we have to date. Please feel free to reach out to the City with questions, concerns, and for factual information.  

Hy-Vee: Delayed due to other projects in priority queue, start date not specified at this time

Culvers: We have been in discussions with franchise owners over the last year and feel positive that a new Culvers will locate in Norwalk within the next 12-24 months

Mahalo’s Coffee & Donuts: Interior buildout is underway in their new location (endcap of Hughes Century Crossing building). Estimated opening in September

Sports Complex: We’re in discussions and early planning phases of a large indoor/outdoor sports and recreation compound. This is a new development group which replaced the former group we had been working with over the last two years.

Estimated timeline- potentially 12-24 months

Sleep Inn Hotel: Development is still planned to construct in Norwalk, however timeline is delayed until spring or summer, 2021

Cobblestone Hotel & Restaurant: We are in planning and discussion phases with the developers as they work to complete land negotiations on the north side of Norwalk. Est. timeline is spring or summer of 2021

Alice Place Senior Apartments: Construction plans are underway (next to Arby’s) and they plan to be open for occupancy in late spring or early summer, 2021

Holland Farms Senior Living: Interior buildout is now underway and potential opening date should be early 2021

Kosovo restaurant: The Kosovar business investors plan to relook at opportunities in Norwalk this coming spring of 2021


Some of the businesses that are expanding or recently opened: Amore Pet Boutique, Johnson Orthodontics, El Dorado Grill, Jimmy Johns, Rock Valley Physical Therapy

New commercial spaces: We have available commercial space in several of the newer retail buildings such as Johnson Orthodontics, Sunset Crest, and Hughes Century Crossing. The spaces have been filling up quickly even though announcements have not been made yet for all of the new tenants. We hope to announce several new businesses that are in lease negotiations now and plan to open in these facilities within the next 3-9 months. Good things are still happening out there, we just need to be patient and supportive. The industrial and manufacturing sectors are still showing a lot of movement and interest in Norwalk and we continue to submit proposals to interested companies. Commercial recruitments efforts will remain strong. 

New Public Amenities: Timberview Park, Warrior Run Park, E. Holland Park improvements, Great Western Trail Connection, another annual Norwalk City tax levy reduction, North Ave/Main intersection improvements, and coming spring 2021- Hwy28/North Ave intersection improvements.


Keep supporting Norwalk businesses!

Thank you

Hollie Zajicek

Economic Development Director