Snow Bird Policy

Residents planning for an extended period of absence may request of the Utility Clerk to have their utility billing suspended one of two ways.
  1. Water service can be turned off at the curb. A $50 fee will be billed to your account which will cover the disconnect and reconnect of service upon your return. A $12.50 charge for solid waste* and $7.50 storm drain fee will continue to be billed monthly. (For example, a 2 month vacancy would cost $90.)
  2. Water can remain on at the residence. A minimum usage charge as low as $46.79 will be billed monthly; as long as no water consumption goes through the meter. If any water passes through the meter regular billing will automatically resume*. (For example, a 2 month vacancy would cost $93.58)

If you have any questions, please contact the City Hall offices.
This is pursuant to the City of Norwalk Snowbird/Vacationer Policy documented 11/10/98 and amended by City Council 10/4/01.
* these represent fees that the City will continue to incur. Solid waste charges are billed per number of households in the City. If the meter registers water consumption the City will be billed by Des Moines Waterworks and that charge will be passed on.

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