Street Maintenance

The City asks residents to be cautious around the city crew while they are working on street projects. Spring brings street patching and repairs. The Fall brings street painting for school crossings and parking. At times, the City will have large street projects. Residents affected by street closings will be notified by the City prior to any work being performed.  

If you have issues with any streets in Norwalk we ask that you call our office at (515) 981-9527 and kindly inform us of that issue.  We will add it to our list of repairs that need to be made.  

Public Works Spring Update

March 2018 - We wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for your continued support this winter and also to tell you a little about our action packed summer! 

We have started our street sweeping routes to get some of the debris and sand cleaned up as well as cold patching the never ending pot holes.  We have also been focusing on our storm water culverts, intakes and outfalls as many need cleaning and maintenance.  Ditch clearing and mowing to get volunteer trees under control is also occurring.

Road projects we will be working on include making shoulder repair to G-14 from the new school site to Orilla Road as well as a repair and overlay project on North Ave from E17th to Hwy 28.  Both of these projects should provide much needed surface and shoulder restoration.  There will be new pavement on Delaware in front of Windsor Windows and Michael Foods starting soon as well, and the second phase of reconstruction on Lakewood Drive will continue this year. 

We have a few water main projects starting and one just wrapping up.  We upgraded the main on Sunset Drive from High Road south to Shady Lane.  We will be starting a secondary water feed to Norwalk coming from the west which will finish in 2019.  This year we will be updating our pump station as well as adding a secondary feed to the Lakewood area.  This should allow us to keep tower levels more stable during our summer peak months. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg at Public Works but we wanted to give you a quick heads up and ask you to continue to support our staff and be patient with the construction going on.  We know it can be frustrating but in the end we love this city as much as you and we continue to work towards it being the best!

Joseph Ballard

Assistant Public Works Director


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