Water shortage/conservation plan-Stage2

Water shortage/conservation plan - Stage 2

Water shortage/conservation plan - Stage 2

To: Norwalk Water Residents
From: Luke Nelson, City Manager
RE: Water Shortage/Conservation Plan
Date: August 4, 2017
The continued heat wave and the lack of precipitation has resulted in water usage that is taxing our ability to meet demand.  On June 19, 2017 the city implemented Stage 1 of the Water Shortage/Conservation Plan.  Our water system continues to be taxed so the City is commencing Stage 2 of the Water Shortage/Conservation Plan   EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY 

                                    Now that stage 2 has been implemented what should residents do?


Request a city wide 50% reduction in outdoor water use.

2. Remind customers to optimize their irrigation systems so water is not directed onto impervious surfaces and turf is not over watered.

3. Reinforce the recommendation for customers to irrigate on alternate days.

4. Encourage wise use of water during outdoor activities including; washing cars, playing in the sprinkler, playing with water toys and filling swimming pools.

5. Encourage wise use of water indoors including;
identifying and repairing leaking fixtures, washing only full loads in dishwashers and washing machines and taking shorter showers.

6. Suspend high water use, non-essential municipal operations.

There will be no enforcement at this stage.
The Plan is divided into four stages. The stages are not necessarily consecutive but each stage is intended to further reduce water demand, with the first three stages applying primarily to periods when irrigation demand is high. The four stages can generally be defined as follows:
Stage 1: Voluntary 25% reduction in turf irrigation
Stage 2: Voluntary 50% reduction in outdoor water usage
Stage 3: Mandatory prohibition on turf irrigation
Stage 4: Mandatory water rationing

Water conservation information

The entire Water Shortage/Conservation plan and additional information can be viewed at Water shortage/conservation plan Resolution 10161496
Please watch for updates or further progression of stages on our website and Facebook page.
For any further questions or information, please call Public Works at 981-9527.

Published on 06/19/2017
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