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Norwalk High Quality Jobs Grant Program

 The purpose of this grant program is to assist new and existing companies with business growth/expansion and new job creation in order to provide more high quality opportunities for Norwalk residents.

Grant Details

The City of Norwalk will provide a grant for each new position created as detailed below: Incentive will be $1,000.00 per full time position with qualifying wages based on the State of Iowa’s HQJ wage threshold, up to 20 positions. This threshold is derived from the bi-annual Laborshed report the State of Iowa administers.
$500.00 per new full time position that does not meet the State wage threshold will also be available, up to 20 positions. A minimum of five positions must be created and filled at the same time to qualify.
There is a cap of 40 jobs total for each company that qualifies for the incentive (20 jobs that meet threshold/$1000 each, 20 jobs that don’t meet threshold/$500 each). The max grant amount a company could qualify for is $30,000.
Companies that qualify for the HQJ incentive program will receive 50% of the total grant at the start date of the new positions in Norwalk, and the remaining 50% on the two year anniversary of start date for each original position that has been maintained and still in existence at that time.

*Note: If any original qualifying jobs are unfilled at the two year mark when company requests remaining 50% of grant, they may still receive the remaining grant portion by providing proof that the unfilled positions are still available and actively being posted/marketed to job seekers.




Norwalk Economic Recovery Plan

Grow your business in Norwalk
Contact Hollie Zajicek, Norwalk Economic Development Director.

2019 Norwalk Economic Development Video

The City of Norwalk offers a distinct identity— a family-friendly and economically strong community with a business friendly atmosphere conveniently located in the southern part of the metro. Norwalk shares borders with neighboring cities of Des Moines, West Des Moines and Cumming and serves as the closest suburban community to the Des Moines International Airport.

Norwalk features a newer housing stock, world class schools (in a smaller school district) and some of the best golf around. Voted Businessweek's "Best Affordable Suburb" in Iowa in 2010, Norwalk reaps the benefit of being one of the preeminent suburban communities in the Des Moines Metro. Our median income is over $20,000 more per household than the rest of Iowa and higher than the Des Moines Metro.

As part of the Des Moines Metro, Norwalk benefits when the entire metro grows. We share the targeted industries, knowing when the metro succeeds, so does Norwalk. In addition to the metros key industries, Financial Services, Logistics, Bioscience and Data Centers, Norwalk is primed for retail development. With one of the lowest retails sales per capita in the entire state, Norwalk residents typically shop in neighboring communities, making Norwalk primed for retail development.

Feel free to explore the following to see how the City of Norwalk can work with your business to make it a success:

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City of Norwalk
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Economic Development
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Exciting development opportunities can be found in Norwalk!

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